Happy Halloween / The Tomb

2017-10-31 18:43:03 by Anton-Michael

- Happy Halloween Newgrounds -

Check out my spooktacular entry, 'The Tomb':

4678533_150948759631_deathink_vincent.jpgDeathink made this cool Vincent artwork. I have a massive grin whenever I look at it :)))))))))

I've also added the ending theme over here.

Big thanks to @deathink and @Piper for helping me make this toon. Their voice talents really pushed the quality of video up a lot.

There's a bunch of good feedback for the episode already and I have a lot of stuff to work on for future vids.

The next episode should be out some time in the first half of next year, but I want to make lots of smaller funny/ strange cartoons before then.

Have a good ween + thanks for reading

- Anton


Still Spineless: Arms / 100 fans

2016-10-25 12:56:59 by Anton-Michael

HEY! Whats up?

I released this new toon for Halloween called ‘Still Spineless: Arms’

Check it out:

This was the second episode in the series, the first ep, ‘Crows’ was posted last Halloween and I hope I can get a new episode out every Spooktacular.


I started working on ‘Arms’ in July and was getting kinda worried that it wouldn’t be out in time. There was a bunch of other projects and stuff I had to finish first before starting on the second ep.


I had thought about the ideas and plot of the episode since ‘Crows’ was out though, so I could get straight to storyboarding and animating stuff as soon as the other projects were finished.


When I was re-watching the first ep, ‘Crows’, to find out what aspects I needed to improve on, one was definitely the voice acting. I don’t wanna pitch shift my voice up anymore lol


This was the first time I worked with voice actors on a toon and it just bumped up the quality of the vid soooo much. Big-up-shouts-out to the cast, @DorrieSpeaks , @Piper and my buds Dan and Nathan, they really propelled the toon past anything I could do alone, so again, massive thanks.




The soundtrack had a little step up too, with this ep I wanted to make it more listenable outside of the vid, I also gave myself more time on it. I think the ‘Crows’ score was made in a day or two. ‘Arms’ has guitars now.


Here are some links for the soundtrack:

Buy it on bandcamp

Stream it on Soundcloud





I also hit 100 faaaaaaaaannnnnnnnsss!! That’s a nice milestone.


There are a lot of great artists that I admire a lot following me, and I think that’s super cool.


Anyway, you seen any of these horror movies? Check them out this halloweenis.


  • Creepshow
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
  • The People Under the Stairs
  • Tokyo Gore Police
  • The Cell


Scary Shiiiiii

  • Martyrs
  • Possession (1981)
  • Noroi: The Curse
  • Antichrist
  • Exorcist III


Ahhh after a heavy grind and crunch time all nighters to get that vid out I can finally relax and bum around on this site a little more.

Thanks for reading, have a good ween and hope you’re around for episode 3 next year.

- Anton


Tar Pit - New Album

2016-05-20 07:04:17 by Anton-Michael

Hey Newgrounds

I have a new album out called Shadowed Ocean, check out the vid for the song Tar Pit here:

You can stream or download the album.

I also have an art thread where I post a bunch of sketches and other drawings.

Thanks for checking out this post!

- Anton


Check out my art thread

2016-02-09 06:28:23 by Anton-Michael


I made this thread on the art forum for my stuff, I'll be posting a bunch of sketches and more finished art too.

Check it out and give me some tips so I can improve!



Free Album/ Silver Eye Vid

2014-10-12 05:39:51 by Anton-Michael

Hey Newgrounds :P

So around a year ago I decided to start writing an album. It began as a 4 track EP but as I was writing more and more I decided to expand it into a 10 track album! 

You can listen to it and download it for free here:


The album's called 'Little Ghost' and it moves through a couple of genres within rock as the album goes on! Give it a listen and tell me what you guys think :)

I also animated a music video for the second track, 'Silver Eye', which you can watch here:


Anyway, I hope you guys like the album and the new toon :D